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Error Code(s) 220602

  • This error code displays the following message:
    Unable to connect to the Internet.
  • To try and fix this error, please try the following:
    Sorry, there appears to be an issue with wireless router's firewall.

    You can try a "Manual Setup" with the Wii console (how), using your network's DNS information. To access the DNS settings on your PC, click "Start" and then "Run".
    In the window that appears, type "CMD" then click "OK". This will open a new window. Type "IPCONFIG/ALL" and press "Enter" to display a list of internet settings, including the "DNS" settings. Input these into the "Manual Setup" of the Wii console's internet connection.
    If the problem persists, enter the number listed as "Default Gateway" under IPCONFIG/ALL and try the connection again.

    Review the information on our Firewal/Antivirus/Antispyware/Adware compatibility by clicking here. This page offers many tips and recommendations to get your connection working through a firewall and other security programs that can be blocking the Wii console's online connection.

    If you are still receiving this error code please click here for assistance. If a connection cannot be established even though the connection test is successful the server is either busy or down. - If the server is busy, please try again later. - If the server is down, please contact Nintendo. Go to the contact section for details.