Nintendo GameCube

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Play like Rooney, Ronaldo – or even Robbie Savage, if you like. FIFA 06 lets you take control of the superstars of soccer and play in the greatest league in the world – or go back to the grass roots level and make your way up through the lower leagues. You can dazzle on the pitch with jaw-dropping continental-type skills, or take a more direct approach with long balls and bruising challenges. FIFA 06 lets you do it all! With a new team chemistry feature that means your team will play more cohesively as team morale improves, and a tactical play engine that lets you make strategic decisions in the middle of play, the on-pitch action has never offered such depth. And with the game's Management mode, you'll be able to use your footballing know-how to mould the perfect squad, taking your club to the top of the league - and making a healthy profit as you do so. Real clubs, real kits, real players, even Real Madrid - yes, FIFA 06 could be even better than the real thing...