Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2


Nintendo 64

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Nothing beats the totally free feeling of skateboarding. From the click-clacking sound of your wheels as you fly down a sidewalk to the pure joy which comes from performing a new trick, skating satisfies all human senses. Excluding the occasional pebble or security guard, it's nearly impossible to feel sad on a skateboard. Even the toughest can't skate 24-7, though. That's where Activision comes in.When you're just too tired to try that new trick even one more time, it's time to push back to the shack. Eat some grub, fire up the N64, then lay down the sweetest lines imaginable with Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2. Even if you've never been haunted by a terrifying handrail which you know you should try, Pro Skater 2 lets you feel what's it like to be a bona fide skater. Like the original Pro Skater, THPS2 presents an interesting mix of both simulation and arcade action. All of the tricks are authentic, and the smooth gameplay makes the game feel very realistic. But realism flies out the window when you watch your skater link together impossibly dangerous and difficult combos. All of the tricks in the game could potentially be pulled off in real life, but not linked together as they are and not at the game's suicidal height and speed. That's what makes this game so fun.THPS2 lets you create your own skater from scratch, in a new Create-A-Skater feature. Doctor your skater's age, stance, face and clothes - and choose to sport one of two different kinds of mullets. Another major improvement in Pro Skater 2 -- especially if you've ever built a ramp in your back yard -- is the addition of a Park Editor Mode. This awesome feature lets you design your own course using ramps, bowls, rails and other obstacles. You can use risers to vary the height of the obstacles, and in the end you'll have your own custom skate park which you can take with you on a Controller Pak. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 also features a multiplayer mode for two players, as well as Free Skate and Single Session modes. There are 13 real-world Pro Skaters immediately available, and even more secret skaters waiting to be unlocked. Pro Skater 2 vastly improves on the original -- which was just about perfect itself. Check it out.