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Game Boy Advance

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At long last, Sega's hasty hedgehog whizzed onto a Nintendo system in Sonic Advance. Developed by Sonic Team, Sonic Advance delivers all of the high-speed action which has made Sonic a world-wide success. Sonic has always been known for speed, and his adventure on Game Boy Advance is quicker than ever. The speedy hedgehog rolls, jumps and flies through the game at a break-neck pace. With an insane selection of locomotive devices such as springboards, bumpers and zip-cords, every level presents new challenges. For Sonic fans, it will come as no surprise to learn that Sonic's main goal in this game is to spoil the wicked plans of Dr. Eggman (also known as Dr. Robotnik). As in previous games, the bad doctor has created an army of robotic enemies who would love nothing more than to present a bruised hedgehog to their master. Sonic Advance is much more than a classic side-scroller. In addition to Sonic, players can also progress through the game playing as Knuckles, Tails or Amy. Since each character has different abilities, the gameplay experience changes depending on which character you choose to control. Sonic Advance also features a cool multiplayer mode which allows up to four gamers to compete using just one Game Pak (each player must have a Game Boy Advance and the proper number of Game Boy Advance Game Link Cables). In this chaotic minigame, players race through levels to see who can collect the most coins. If each player has a Sonic Advance Game Pak, even more options become available. One of the greatest bonus features in Sonic Advance is the Tiny Chao Garden. This where you raise a cute little pet called a Chao. To keep your Chao happy, you have to look after it, feed it often and buy it toys. By playing minigames, you can earn rings which can be traded in for food and toys. One minigame presents a slight variation of the classic memory game, while the other is an action game based on the good ol' rock/scissors/paper premise. You can use the Nintendo GameCube Game Boy Advance Cable to port your Chao data back and forth between Sonic Advance and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle for the Nintendo GameCube. There is also a Chao Garden in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle where you can race your Chao, take it to the Chao nursery and more. With the Nintendo GameCube Game Boy Advance Cable, you can take your favourite Chao with you wherever you go! Whether you're a seasoned Sonic fan or a newcomer to the series, Sonic Advance is sure to impress. Welcome to Nintendo, Sonic!